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OOWOLF Screen Light Bar Electronic Reading LED Work Light

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No Shadow & No Glare & No Flicker

  • Overhead lights will cause shadows to cast on the desk work surface, the lamp bar for monitor will remove the shadows and improve your physical desktop
  • Asymmetrical 45° Light Design will move the light to cast directly below the monitor or extend the light toward the user,which means the light won't hits your eyes directly, yet still provides your desk space with enough even light to work in a pitch black room
  • No Glare , No Flicker, No reflected light on the screen, relieve eye fatigue, ideal light setup for students, painters or office workers

What is Blue Light?

  1. It's a High High-Energy visible visible light has strong pentrating power.
  2. Studies have shown some blue light can damage retina and cause myopia.

What We done to protect you?

  1. OOWOLF monitor light bar warm light mode can neutralize Blue-Ray to the greatest extent.
  2. Reduced Blue-Ray damage to the macula at the bottom of the eyeball.
  3. So as to prevent myopia and protect the eyes.

Feature selling point:
Dual light source design Asymmetric lighting No video flashing No blue light hazard High color rendering index above 95

1. Asymmetric light source design, reducing screen reflections, not easy for eyes to fatigue
Directional projection, only illuminates the working reading area of the desktop, reducing screen reflection.

2. The light is uniform and the irradiation range is wide
The lamp body is designed with an inclination angle, with a wide range of illumination, which can illuminate the area in front of the screen to meet the needs of daily work, writing and reading.

3. Three color temperatures to meet different lighting needs
Simulate three color temperatures of natural light, not dazzling, let the eyes stay focused.
3100K yellow light: warm color temperature, suitable for creating a comfortable atmosphere
4200K mixed light: soft light for reading
6400K white light: bright light, suitable for office and homework scenarios

4. Stepless brightness adjustment
Long press the switch key to adjust the brightness freely
According to personal preferences and different environmental needs, customize more eye-friendly light for the eyes!

5. Simple installation
Hanging the screen in 1 second is simple and convenient, does not take up desktop space, does not require any auxiliary tools, and can be easily fixed on the screen in 1 second.

Product parameter

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Minimum operating voltage: 3.5V
Luminous flux: 100LM
Color temperature: 3000-6000 k
Color rendering index: > 95
Light source power: 5×0.1W (LED)
Material: ABS + PC

Packing List
  • 1 x OOWOLF Computer Monitor Light
  • 1 x Light Holder
  • 1 x USB-C power cable(1.5M)
  • 1 x User Manual

Installation Instruction

1.Take out the lamp with the main luminous area facing down

2.Take out the bracket, align the power supply port of the lamp with the notch at the tail of the bracket, and clip it gently

3.Hang the lamp in the middle above the monitor

4.Take out the USB cable and connect to the type-C port of the lamp. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the USB interface of the computer or the 5V adapter. And the lamp will light up automatically.

5.Rotate the lamp body, adjust the angle of lighting, and complete the installation


Q:Why the monitor light bar is turns on by itself when I start my PC?

A:This is our unique design. The blue-light will irradiate your eye when you start the PC. We design the monitor light bar will light at the same time when you start the PC, otherwise your eyes will feel uncomfortable when you keep long time work and forget to open the monitor bar. If you don't want this, just disconnected the connection between your PC and screen light bar when you shut down the PC.

Q:Why the light bar has very poor grip on my monitors. ?

A:This may happen the back of your computer is not flat or curve too much like LG 27GN880,850;AW2521HF. You can remove the spring in the counterweight than will be suit for monitor with curve back; Or insert a small eraser between monitor and counterweight so that it would't lose its grip.

OOWOLF Screen Light Bar Electronic Reading LED Work Light-Topselling OOWOLF Screen Light Bar Electronic Reading LED Work Light-Topselling OOWOLF Screen Light Bar Electronic Reading LED Work Light-Topselling OOWOLF Screen Light Bar Electronic Reading LED Work Light-Topselling

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