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New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors

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Product Highlights:

1. **2-in-1 Design**: The all-new 2-in-1 Teflon anti-adhesive scissors combine the functionality of scissors and a scraper, providing you with a more convenient kitchen experience.

2. **Teflon Anti-Adhesive Coating**: The high-quality Teflon-coated blades resist sticking, allowing you to effortlessly handle various ingredients, thus improving efficiency.

3. **Durable Sharpness**: Carefully designed and optimized blades ensure long-lasting sharpness, resistance to rust, and consistent cutting performance over time.

4. **Comfortable Grip**: Humanized handle design conforms to ergonomics, offering a comfortable grip and reducing hand fatigue.

5. **Versatile Applications**: Suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, fruits, and more. Additionally, it can be used as a scraper for easy cleanup of surfaces.

6. **Easy to Clean**: The Teflon anti-adhesive coating makes cleaning a breeze—simply rinse with water for quick and effortless maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, Teflon anti-adhesive coating
  • Size: Overall length approximately 20 cm
  • Weight: Lightweight design, approximately 150 grams

Suitable Scenarios:

  • Essential for the Kitchen: Easily tackle various cutting and cleaning tasks, bringing convenience to your kitchen work.
  • Outdoor Barbecues: Portable design for convenient outdoor barbecue sessions, making it an ideal companion.
  • Wilderness Camping: Lightweight and multifunctional, meeting diverse needs for outdoor living.

Package Contents:

  •  1 x New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors


  •  Please clean and dry promptly after use to maintain the product's performance and longevity.
  • The blades are extremely sharp; handle with care to avoid injury.
New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors New 2-in-1 Teflon Anti-Adhesive Scissors

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